Born in Isolation

Crafted one batch at a time at our barn in the Catskills, this gin will make you wish you had someone to drink it with. We distill, bottle, and ship each order ourselves. Sure, it gets lonely, but someone has to do it.

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Perfect in a martini or other classics that show off the nuances of a well-made gin. The cubeb brings spice that’s unique and also in balance with the traditional botanicals.

Wilson Keenan, Wilson's Bread

Holy sh*t, this is magnificent gin!

Joseph DeSalvo, Award Winning Cinematographer

Equally delightful for sipping or mixing. Isolation Proof Gin is spicy and spirit forward in all the right ways. This is a gin that grabs you by the palate and doesn’t let go.

Jeff Tichenor, Roxbury Wine and Spirits